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UI Components


Chart comparing React UI Component Projects


What is Bootstrap?

  • Bootstrap
  • CSS framework
  • Originated at Twitter
  • Don't need to be good at CSS for professional look
  • Most popular open source CSS project on GitHub

Why not just use Bootstrap directly?

  • Includes jQuery and Bootstrap JavaScript files
    • results in bloated application
    • large JavaScript bundle
  • Could just use the Bootstrap CSS file(s)
    • you would end up recreating React Bootstrap or Reactstrap

Which Bootstrap project should I choose?

  1. React Bootstrap
  2. Reactstrap

Which other CSS frameworks should I consider?

What if I want to build my own bespoke components because I need them to match our brand?

Consider Tailwind CSS a utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building custom designs.

And if you got that route I would recommend purchasing the tailwind ui component library.