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Lab 5: Data


  • Add data
  • Display the data


Add data

  1. Download the code snippets, data, and images needed for the labs by following these steps.

    1. Click this link to open the starter files repository on GitHub.
    2. Click the Green Code button then choose Download ZIP.
    3. Unzip the file archive you downloaded in the prior step.
  2. Open File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac).

  3. Copy the assets directory and its contents into the keeptrack\public directory.

  4. Create two files to be the model and the data and fill in the code as shown below.


    export class Project {
    id: number | undefined;
    name: string = '';
    description: string = '';
    imageUrl: string = '';
    contractTypeId: number | undefined;
    contractSignedOn: Date = new Date();
    budget: number = 0;
    isActive: boolean = false;
    get isNew(): boolean {
    return === undefined;

    constructor(initializer?: any) {
    if (!initializer) return;
    if ( =;
    if ( =;
    if (initializer.description) this.description = initializer.description;
    if (initializer.imageUrl) this.imageUrl = initializer.imageUrl;
    if (initializer.contractTypeId)
    this.contractTypeId = initializer.contractTypeId;
    if (initializer.contractSignedOn)
    this.contractSignedOn = new Date(initializer.contractSignedOn);
    if (initializer.budget) this.budget = initializer.budget;
    if (initializer.isActive) this.isActive = initializer.isActive;


    import { Project } from './Project';

    export const MOCK_PROJECTS = [
    new Project({
    id: 1,
    name: 'Johnson - Kutch',
    'Fully-configurable intermediate framework. Ullam occaecati libero laudantium nihil voluptas omnis.',
    imageUrl: '/assets/placeimg_500_300_arch4.jpg',
    contractTypeId: 3,
    contractSignedOn: '2013-08-04T22:39:41.473Z',
    budget: 54637,
    isActive: false,
    new Project({
    id: 2,
    name: 'Wisozk Group',
    'Centralized interactive application. Exercitationem nulla ut ipsam vero quasi enim quos doloribus voluptatibus.',
    imageUrl: '/assets/placeimg_500_300_arch1.jpg',
    contractTypeId: 4,
    contractSignedOn: '2012-08-06T21:21:31.419Z',
    budget: 91638,
    isActive: true,
    new Project({
    id: 3,
    name: 'Denesik LLC',
    'Re-contextualized dynamic moratorium. Aut nulla soluta numquam qui dolor architecto et facere dolores.',
    imageUrl: '/assets/placeimg_500_300_arch12.jpg',
    contractTypeId: 6,
    contractSignedOn: '2016-06-26T18:24:01.706Z',
    budget: 29729,
    isActive: true,
    new Project({
    id: 4,
    name: 'Purdy, Keeling and Smitham',
    'Innovative 6th generation model. Perferendis libero qui iusto et ullam cum sint molestias vel.',
    imageUrl: '/assets/placeimg_500_300_arch5.jpg',
    contractTypeId: 4,
    contractSignedOn: '2013-05-26T01:10:42.344Z',
    budget: 45660,
    isActive: true,
    new Project({
    id: 5,
    name: 'Kreiger - Waelchi',
    'Managed logistical migration. Qui quod praesentium accusamus eos hic non error modi et.',
    imageUrl: '/assets/placeimg_500_300_arch12.jpg',
    contractTypeId: 2,
    contractSignedOn: '2009-12-18T21:46:47.944Z',
    budget: 81188,
    isActive: true,
    new Project({
    id: 6,
    name: 'Lesch - Waelchi',
    'Profound mobile project. Rem consequatur laborum explicabo sint odit et illo voluptas expedita.',
    imageUrl: '/assets/placeimg_500_300_arch1.jpg',
    contractTypeId: 3,
    contractSignedOn: '2016-09-23T21:27:25.035Z',
    budget: 53407,
    isActive: false,

Display the data

  1. Open the file src\projects\ProjectsPage.tsx.

  2. Use JSON.stringify() to output the MOCK_PROJECTS array from MockProjects.ts in the component.


    • React components can only return one root element so you will need to wrap the <h1> and <pre> tags in a React Fragement <></>.
    • Wrapping output in a HTML <pre></pre> (preformatted) tag retains whitespace.
    • To switch to JavaScript in JSX use { }
    • JSON.stringify(MOCK_PROJECTS, null, ' ')'s third argument is used to insert white space into the output JSON string for readability purposes. The second argument is a replacer function so we can pass null because we don't need to replace anything.




    + import { MOCK_PROJECTS } from './MockProjects';

    function ProjectsPage() {
    - return <h1>Projects</h1>
    + return (
    + <>
    + <h1>Projects</h1>
    + <pre>{JSON.stringify(MOCK_PROJECTS, null, ' ')}</pre>
    + </>
    + );

    export default ProjectsPage;

You have completed Lab 5